Social influence of social media
  • Applying expectation states theory to social media (white paper) by Jeremy Mar 24, 2011
    Expectation states theory as developed by Correll and Ridgeway (2003) offers an approach to study social inequality and the impetus for social change.  This theory seeks to explain the processes in which group members assess each other according to task-specific and diffuse status characteristics.  These characteristics are decoded explicitly and implicitly by group members through […]
  • Leadership Theory by Jeremy Mar 4, 2011
    Leadership theory: Jeremy Shearer Over nearly a century of academic leadership investigation, more than 65 differing understandings and views have been developed to explain what exactly leadership is (Fleishman, et al., 1991; Stogdill, 1948). Overtime, however, a few key threads of study have emerged as the common realms of thought in leadership. One of the […]